We're having steak tonight.

It's dangerous to perform this acrobatic act without a safety net.

You're not a prisoner here.

It's nice to have someone to talk to.

How did you get here so fast?

Tait says he doesn't want to get into a shouting match.

Paolo was found dead.

Do you know what Himawan is doing?

That flower smells sweet.

When children are ordered to do a certain thing by such adult standards, they frequently refuse to follow the instructions for no other reason than that they have been told to do so.

Marshall held out his mug and Amigo refilled it.

I'm not a gambler.

And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.

Come on! Talk to me, Trang.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects.

I think I've persuaded Jeffery to donate some money.

These tire tracks were made by a mid-size vehicle.

I don't think Butler can speak any French.

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Would you really recommend it?


She grabbed her purse.

She listens to him.

Every year, a festival is held when it is the best time to see the cherry trees.

Nobody's been inside.

Lyndon wouldn't tell Srinivas what his telephone number was.

Swamy kept silent about the problem.

I'm pretty sure Masanobu has already gone home.

Let's pick up Jeffrey.

He got very drunk.

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I just don't like it.

Until there is justification or evidence, we do not know if it is true what he says.

A selfish man thinks of nothing but his own feelings.

They've upped my limit.

She was furious with her sister.

People struggled against poverty.

Audrey stays with us.


He went slowly up the stairs.


I got a motorbike cheap.


What's that got to do with her?

Thanks for sharing this.

I call for a vote.

She is extremely attractive.

I'll get in touch with them.

I've had a lot on my mind recently and have had trouble falling asleep at night.

We need leaders.


Are you open on Saturday?

Alvin said he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Rodger.

Iron is used in building ships.

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Marsha kissed Dale on the cheek.

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"Perhaps we'd better not tell Trey anything about today." "I agree."

It was a nice story.

That's what I said to Suu.

Why am I laughing?

You have to let him protect you.

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During that period, I would go to bed earlier.

When do you come and see me?

My team has never advanced beyond the quarter-finals.

None of Elaine's classmates offered to help him.

I know who the thief is.

Nadeem has very strong arms.

I don't mind if it's a little cold.

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Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow night?

Dawn wants to say something.

The moon doesn't have light of its own.


He lied his way out of it.

We need to weigh our options.

I really want to impress them.

He intervened in the family affairs of his friend.

Are you going to see them?

I don't know what you expect me to say.

No charges have been filed.

Love me!

I can't function in the morning.


Exhausted from a day's work, he went to bed much earlier than usual.

But the compass isn't in the head of the bee, it's in the body.

I don't know what this is.

We need to make a good first impression.

Are you from here?

He's only winding you up.

Please come here soon if you don't mind.

When it is sunshine, he prays for rain, and when it is rain, he prays for sunshine.

We don't have much money.

Gregor drove to the store and bought three cans of insect spray.

Soccer is most popular in Brazil.

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Let him go.


I have made a mess.

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Make sure you don't get Tommy mad.


What should be done if we want to find our soul mate?

Thuan is busy again.

Well, girls, it's time to go.


Is there anything else I need to do?

I'll quit.

We both know what'll happen if you do that.

I don't know what time it is.

Are you practical?


This art collection is rich in paintings by Dutch masters.

I think one of us ought to ask Reiner what he thinks.

Don't bother seeing me to the door.

The suspense is killing me!

Do you have any more great ideas?


Hurry up or we'll miss the train!

She was in the hospital for six weeks because of her illness.

The hunters aimed their rifles at the elephant.

Things are getting out of hand.

She wanted him to help her father.

They need customers.

George Bush went on a vacation with his wife.

When a danger threatens us, we look up to God. If the danger ceases, we forget about God.

Wolf writes to me at least once a week.

Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.

Did Hwa say how soon Pilar could leave?

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My future is closely bound up with the finances of my firm.


It is very kind of you to send me such a nice present.


Sanand doesn't speak French as well as he speaks English.

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A sperm whale is the biggest toothed whale.

Bill made me a nice dress.

Shakil knocked three times on the door.

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I regret lying to Galen.

Look, I really like you.

I guess you talked to her.

That isn't very important.

Is not there anything you want to tell me?

These look like spinach plants.

What do you want to do?

"I must get well," Sadako said to herself.

I recently met an old friend.

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In England they are supposed to keep to the left.

Please file a written request.

Is the sky blue? Yes.


We've been checking the place out.


I am getting short!

Bucky is going to be fine, right?

I go near that store myself.

I think you might be able to help me.

I will teach you how skate next Sunday.


People speak English and Manx in the Isle of Man.

There are cases where the system doesn't go.

Our team scored five runs in the last inning.

I'm just so tired.

I never see him but I am happy.

We were worried because we weren't getting any news.

Does Erwin go to the market?


Did you just call me your boyfriend?

Your former boyfriend Shuvra came to visit this afternoon.

Let others wage wars, you, fortunate Austria, marry.


I understood what you meant.


There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.

You're rude.

What is the purpose of the stock market?


Knudsen hugged Srinivas even tighter.

One hundred years is called a century.

Antony thinks what I did was wrong.

The preparations won't take any time at all.

It may already be too late for him.

Hartmann made stew for dinner.

Patricia's interest faded.

Do you think Gregory is still alive?

We'll be busy.

Wash your hands right now.

This is the first time I've ever milked a cow.

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The doctor suggested that he should give up smoking.

What do you call a word that doesn't exist but that everyone uses?

Why did you want to come back here?

Have you ever dedicated a song to the orphans?

Call the police if you see any extraordinary situation.

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He must be out.